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The Alcatel 1641 SX receives the incoming synchronous signals STM-N (STM-16, STM-4, STM-1) and processes them according to ITU-T and ETSI. The plesiochronous signals (140, 45/34, 2Mbit/s) are mapped into the corresponding containers VC-4, VC-3, and VC-12 complying with ITU-T Recommendation G.707 and ETSI/ANSI


The matrix of the Alcatel 1641 SX provides cross connection for all

container types mentioned. All central part systems, i.e. the matrix,

clock generation and distribution, as well as control, operate fully redundant, i.e. they are (1+1) protected.

Product Summary

> STM-4 optical ports complying with G.957. The STM-4 optical         interfaces are S-4.1, L-4.1, L-4.2.

> STM-1 optical ports complying with G.957. The STM-1 optical interfaces are S-1.1, L-1.1, L-1.2.

> STM-1 electrical ports, complying with G.703.

> PDH electrical ports (140, 45/34, 2Mbit/s), complying with   G.703.

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Alcatel 1641SX Optical Multi-service Gateway systems offer hubbing, traffic grooming, segregation and consolidation, as well as add-drop functions and real-time networking capabilities for network protection and re-routing.

Designed for infinite scalability, for cross connecting traffic without any limitation and for “just-in-time” service delivery, the Alcatel optical multi-service metro and core gateway systems provide the node flexibility mandatory in today’s dynamically growing networks, with their rapidly changing traffic flows and unprecedented bandwidth requirements.

Alcatel 1641SX installation

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