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Our engineers have recently completed the de-installation of a carrier site in London and have acquired 5 shelves of Ditech Quad E1 Echo Cancellers loaded with 002-0252-02 Quad E1 120 Ohm echo cans. In addition we have 4 shelves of STM1 Optical Voice processors 001-0282-01 by Ditech Networks.

Product Summary

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Ditech’s Quad Voice Processor (QVP) optimizes and measures voice quality in real-time, on every phone call, in both directions for 2G and PSTN networks. QVP non-intrusively detects and eliminates problems from three sources that degrade voice quality:

· Network-induced impairments

· Impairments from callers’ devices

· Impairments from the caller’s environment

· Hybrid echo has been neutralized in PSTN networks

QVP supports 4x E1 interfaces in a single-card form factor. Different shelf options are available, supporting densities of 1-20 cards per shelf, with AC or DC power options to meet the needs of both enterprise and large carrier customers.

Ditech Networks Quad E1 Echo Can QVP

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Phone: +44 1264 337 444

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Ditech STM1o Optical Voice Processors OVP also available from stock