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The ECI Telecom DTX-360 DCME
- Transmits speed, voice band data, and fax over up to 360 trunk channels, and provides a compression ratio of up to 10:1 for speech, and up to 6:1 for fax using standard or non-standard protocols.
- Supports ITU-T G/728-compliant LD-CELP mode and Rev3 (ADPCM) mode.
- Supports VBR (Variable Bit Rate) operation which is used when a bearer channel becomes congested.
- ITR-T Q.50-compliant data link interface and dynamic clear channel assignment.
- Multi-clique mode and multi-destination mode

Product Summary

DTX360 Terminal


Price: £6250.00

The ECI Telecom DTX-360 DCME also incorporates a powerful Operator Station (OPS-360) utilizing advanced user interface technologies. It allows for concurrent operation, maintenance and commissioning of multiple terminals from a single work-station and provides users with an attractive graphic interface for safe and easy data entry.

Complete DTX360 clusters available from stock

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