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AXE is a state-of-the-art communication platform comprising a powerful set of revenue-generating and cost-reducing features, a cornerstone in the realization of the emerging multi-service and 3G networks.

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AXE is architecture for the converging services of telecommunications, information technology (data communications and the Internet) and entertainment (the Internet, cable television and video communications). The AXE architecture is an “open architecture” which is capable of supporting a whole range of communication services for large or small network operators in public fixed and mobile networks.

AXE is a future-proof solution based on continuous research and development in the field of communications and meets the demands of the future by incorporating advances such as increased processor capacity, increased storage capacity, higher switching capacity and improved in-service performance (ISP).

AXE is fully scalable and can be dimensioned to offer cost effective support for all sizes of network applications.

AXE 810 switch available from stock

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