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STM1o interface card for the 1660SM

Alcatel 3AL78815AB

Price: £3250.00 ea

Nortel DMS100 high density cabinet with a 64 E1 capacity, available in 120ohms or 75ohms unbalance

Text Box: Nortel DMS100 CDT2

Price: £ Call

Alcatel 1641SX Optical Multi-service Gateway systems

Alcatel 1641SX

Price: £ Call

Text Box: Ditech’s Quad Voice Processor (QVP) optimizes and measures voice quality in real-time, on every phone call, in both directions for 2G and PSTN networks.

Ditech Quad E1 Echo Cancellers QVP

Price: £ Call

Transmits speed, voice band data, and fax over up to 360 trunk channels,
and provides a compression ratio of up to 10:1 for speech, and up to 6:1
for fax using standard or non-standard protocols.

ECI Telecom DTX360

Price: £ Call

The Ericsson AXE system can be used for a number of applications such as local transit, international and intelligent network services as well as mobile systems- analogue as well as digital.  The brain of the AXE system is a dual processor system called APZ. Ericsson AXE has evolved to meet today’s requirements for operators, such as standardized signalling and interfaces, fraud management and data retention.

Ericsson AXE 810 Switch

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